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 About Us


Our members are both recreational and competitive fencers, participating nationally and internationally. 

Our staff will work with you to determine an appropriate training and competition schedule (if desired) for your fencing goals.  Our goal is to help you reach your goals.

Our convenient Northbrook location offers easy access to and from the city of Chicago as well.  Please see Location for more information.


About Fencing


Fencing is a unique sport that requires use of both the body and mind.  It is often called "physical chess" due to the complexity of the sport.  There are three distinct weapons in Fencing: Saber, Epee and Foil.  Metro Chicago Fencing Center offers instruction in Saber and Epee.  Fencing is friendly to all ages and ability levels.  A fencer can begin to learn and enjoy the sport at the age of 4 and continue their entire lives.  Competitive fencing begins with a 10 and Under category and continues through to a 60 and Over Veterans category.